Quiet® Walls, Quiet® Guest Rooms


Quiet® guest rooms are one of the top amenities a hotel can offer. It can be a significant contributor to repeat business and positive reviews. Create a peaceful relaxing experience for guests by including walls with high STC ratings reducing noise transmitting from neighboring guest rooms and the corridors.

QuietRock® by PABCO® Gypsum is the first and most technically advanced sound reducing drywall in the industry. It has been installed successfully in hospitality projects across North America.  




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QuietRock® Sound Reducing Drywall

When it comes to reducing noise transmission from one space to another, PABCO® Gypsum has the solution for you. QuietRock is the first and most technically advanced sound reducing drywall in the industry. The product achieves high sound attenuation and fire resistance in one panel using less space, material and labor than conventional sound reduction alternatives.

QuietRock is appropriate for the following hospitality spaces:

  • Between guest rooms
  • Between guest rooms and corridor
  • In hotel rooms between bedroom and bathroom
  • Between conference rooms and other meeting spaces

Anywhere you need privacy or peace and quiet®!



QuietRock® offers many benefits for hospitality design and construction

  • HIGH ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE – Achieves higher STC ratings at a lower installed cost than other sound reduction options 
  • ONE DESIGN – UL/ULC fire-rated walls and tested STC performance in one design
  • MOUNTED FIXTURES – STC performance not affected with headwall systems and mounted fixtures 
  • SUSTAINABLE – Certified low VOC per CDPH Standard
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Installs and finishes like standard drywall-no special tools needed

    Video: How to install QuietRock
“QuietRock was the perfect solution. All noise complaints ended... The difference was amazing and occupancy rates went up.”

Melanie Novinska, Managing Director of Engineering, Tundra Lodge

QuietRock® Products for Hospitality


QuietRock® ES
Single fire-resistant and sound damping Type X panel with patented EZ SNAP® score and snap technology

QuietRock® ES MR
Mold resistant sound damping panel with easy snap and score technology for mold sensitive applications

QuietRock® 530
Impact and shear resistant Type X sound damping panel for high traffic areas prone to impact

QuietRock® 545
Provides maximum sound attenuation across a broad frequency range 


QuietSeal® Pro
Non-hardening acoustical sealant designed to be used around perimeter of walls to prevent noise links in your wall assembly

Class A fire-resistant acoustical putty to be used on wall penetrations such as electrical outlet boxes to maintain acoustic performance